Old epoxy still good?

I am about done with epoxy work but looks like once again I'm short. I have some that is probably 4-5 years old. Hardener has turned an amber color. Mostly what I have left to do is the bottom where I'm mixing it with graphite and some touch ups on the inside  where a slight color won't be a problem.  I mixed some up and put it on a test piece. As long as it hardens should it be fine or does it be replaced?

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RE: Old epoxy still good?

Amber hardener's usually not a problem. Crystallized resin can be but that's easily reversed with a warm water bath or leaving the resin in a place that's between 85° - 90° F until it re-liquifies.

It can be hard to tell either condition with the opaque plastic containers unless you use a strong flashlight to 'candle' the container (in a darkened room use the flashlight to backlight the container so you can see what's inside) while allowing the resin inside to flow around as you turn & twist it to check liquidity.

This stuff's pretty stable if kept warm & closed tight. A test batch will tell you if it's trustworthy. Be sure to arrange for proper temp during cure interval.  

RE: Old epoxy still good?

   Ok thanks. I'm in AZ so my garage is mostly above the 85-90 mark night and day roght now. Didn't see any crystals when I did the test batch. Just wanted to make sure it wouldn't have a weaker bond. Thanks. 

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