Rigging slat seats in the Mill Creek 16.5

Down to rigging my just varnished Mill Creek 16.5 and wonder if anyone who has built this boat with the traditional slatted seats would share their approach to the attaching "back strap" webbing that holds the back up?  Woodscrew into the carlin through the coaming?  Machine screw and nut?  Fixed to sheer clamp with a screw or machine screw?   The coaming seems a little tight at the forward seat to attach there... 

Also, did you just screw a length of webbing into the side of the seat back?  Or run one piece around the back?

Just interested in ideas and experience before drilling into my shiny new boat!

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RE: Rigging slat seats in the Mill Creek 16.5

   If you search the forum for "slat" you'll find a few threads on this subject. I posted a description of my rigging the slat seats for my 16.5 in one of those threads. The only change lately has been to glue in velcro strips to hold the seats in place rather than the original weatherstripping I used. The weatherstripping did work fairly well but when loading the boat or washing it when I rotated it to rinse or to lift it up to the car rack the seats tended to fall out - the velcro fixed that issue. 

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