Amputating one half the middle seat & thwart of the Skerry...

Fellow boatbuilders, am considering amputating one of half of the middle thwart, or middle bench seat, of my Skerry.  I'd obviously leave enough seat in place to cover the centerboard slot/trunk, and an additional half foot or so more, so as to have a suitable surface to sit on when rowing.  But I'd cut out the remainder of the seat, clear over to the highest uppermost plank, and would remove the trans lateral support piece underneath it, so as to make it feasible to stretch out and sleep on the cockpit floor on that side of boat.  So my biggest concern is - Would that pretty much be a really, really, bad idea, as that center thwart is vital in keeping those planks from coming in on themselves?   

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RE: Amputating one half the middle seat & thwart of the Skerry...

I'd query the staff at CLC. They get all kinds of feeedback about how builders modify their builds to suit their personal preferences. As popular as the Skerry is this question likely has come up before.

Might that seat be modified in such a way that it can be removed entirely for storage elsewhere when not out & about on the water?

Or perhaps alter the part so that you have two sections, one each for port and starboard sides, both being removable?

I trust that its purpose is to provide compression stiffness between the hull sides and to keep the centerboard trunk perpendicular to the hull bottom. Compromising these functions will adversly affect performance and perhaps the safety of those aboard. 

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