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I have started making YouTube videos about building the Eastport Nesting Pram. My goal (besides the new-to-me challenge of making YouTube videos) is to try to document the steps in detail and in particular, little things that are not stated as clearly as they might be in the instructions. As an inexperienced woodworker, I am finding lots of things that I have questions about and I hope these videos will help answer the same questions for other people.

Here is the link:  tinyurl.com/buildownboat

I hope this is not taken to be a "commercial posting" and therefore not suitable for this forum. I am really doing it just to help other people who might come across the same issues. With my 5 subscribers in 2 weeks (all close relatives and kind friends) I doubt I'll be making any money off of YouTube in in my lifetime. (You need 1,000 subscribers to even qualify for starting that.)

If you check them out and you find the videos interesting/helpful please let me know. Or let me know how I can improve them. (Either on the forum here or on the YouTube page.)


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RE: Eastport Nesting Pram videos

Hi Nancy,

Welcome to the CLC builder family.. The Eatport Pram is a great little starter boat both for building and using. It's also a serious tender, not just a play boat, for many cruising sailors. I think you'll be happy with it for a long time.

Don't worry about anyone objecting to posting about your vlog here. There's a long history of folks describing their builds here, either in frequent posts or links to a blog, so you're in good company. Your goal of showing the builder's point of view is a good one. While I'm in awe of CLC's documentation, they can't help but present things in a different way than a new bulder sees things. That's why I did my WD12 build blog in 2008, to show stuff from beyond the manual. It'll be good to see something like that for the EP.

I've actually got one piece of advice for you based on your videos - get more. More clamps and more plastic tarp. On one of my builds I was using 40 clamps at once and could have really used another dozen. And if you're going to do your build in that nice family room, you need to make it look like Dexter's kill room. Epoxy will drip everywhere, as will paint, and the sawdust will get into every possible nook and cranny. Cab-o-sil floats in the air for hours before settling. Graphite powder is messy to handle, messy to use and even messier to sand (like coal mine messy). Be aware, too, that there are some flammable materials involved, like denatured alcohol, that can be major fire hazards.

Anyway, welcome, have fun and looking forward to your next video.,



RE: Eastport Nesting Pram videos

 Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for responding and your helpful comments. And for watching the videos!

So far I've been doing the sanding mostly outside, to avoid too much sanding dust. So that's ben working out.  I don't think the EP usees the graphite powder.  And yes I am keenly aware that the denatured alcohol, especially, is flammable and I don't for a second have that gas fireplace (that you might have seen in the videos) turned on when I'm actually working!

Sounds like you  have a lot of experience...

Thanks again,


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