John's new blog post

John has posted a new story on his "The Life of Boats" blog. It's about a trimaran contender for the Everglades Challenge that will also be available as a kit or plans for the mere mortals who only sail for fun.

It sails, paddles and also has a Hobie Mirage Drive. The amas fold in so that the boat fits in a 12x4 foot stotage rectangle.  In many ways it seems like Waterlust 2.0 to me.

One question for John if he's reading this - why solid foam amas instead of hollow wooden ones?

As usual, a truly enjoyable read.



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RE: John's new blog post

Waterlust II huh? Can't wait to read his post! (I'll leave comments about the 'sailing for fun' caveat for another time....)

Meanwhile I wonder how the crew down at Canoecopia are fairing with the snow they've had in Madison the last couple of days? Nothing like what they're used to in Maryland I suspect. Hope it's going well! I'd thought about making the trek down to meet them finally buit with weather (and other stuff to do this w/e) it'll have to wait for another time.

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