Rhode Runner Materials

I would have thought it was already published, but I can't find a list of materials needed to build the Rhode Runner from plans.


I am fortunate to have a local store that stocks proper marine plywood, so I want to see if I can save enough to make it worthwhile to cut all the pieces out by hand :-)

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RE: Rhode Runner Materials

Have you purchased a set of plans yet? Or any other 'preliminary' documents CLC'S prepared for interested parties? 

That's a Pro kit so details included in build manuals for less-challenging designs likely aren't part of what you get.

Still I'd wager there's a comprehensive materials schedule in the full plans set if not the more economical builder's guide.

That's a fairly recent addition to what CKC makes available and likely has appeal for a small segment of their market. I've yet ro see anything posted here from builders but I'm sure that if you ask the sales staff via e-mail they'll have an answer for you toot sweet!



RE: Rhode Runner Materials

I purchased the study plans.  They don't have this information.

I'll take your suggestion to email them.  Thanks.

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