Little Auk inner / outer stems

Just got my Little Auk 11 kit.  I've got a couple peices of MDF, which I'd assumed were my inner stem templates, but now I'm thinking they might actually be outer stem templates?  I say this because A.) they don't quite line up with the ends of the end forms, and B.) the end forms don't have any kind of "notch" to accept the inner stems like I keep seeing in Nick Shade's videos.  Also, in Nick's "building notes" or whatever they're called (the pamphlet that came with the kit), he says the inner stem template gets cut from the end forms (unless I'm misunderstanding something).  Is that the case?

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RE: Little Auk inner / outer stems

Hi Wesley, 

i have not built the little auk kit, but i have built several other of the strip build kits.

the answer is, it depends. in the last kit i had from CLC, the there were two pieces of relatively narrow MDF and they were the patterns for the inner stem.  they could be checked by fitting them to the bigger end pieces and see if they line up.

i also know on the older kit where the end piece needed to have the inner stem cut off from the bigger piece at the end.  in that kit there was a pattern piece of MDF for the inner stem but it was also duplicated on the end piece so you had to cut it off the end piece to not end up doubling it up.

in the first two pictures below of the more recent kit, the inner stem pattern was already cut out of the end piece.  the inner stem patterns are close to the tape measure and then in the following picture, you see how the pattern mates to the end piece.:

  in an older kit, in the picture below, the inner stem pattern was also 'duplicated' and included in the end piece and needed to be cut out of the end piece to fit properly

fwiw, it was pretty confusing.....but i did sort it out.  of course a couple pictures and quick post here or call to CLC and they can get it straightened out if my pictures and commentary didn't crystalize it for you.

do remember that the MDF is just a pattern for the inner stems....and you have to make a proper wooden inner stem for the boat.

good luck and i hope this was helpful.



RE: Little Auk inner / outer stems


one other way to tell if its duplicate or additional.  if you put the pattern of the inner stem on top of the larger end piece and the outer edge matches up perfectly, it is highly likey that you need to cut it out of the underling end piece (last example above)

if they fit together like a puzzle piece (and does not have the characteristic above), then you are likely adding the inner stem to the end piece (first two pictures)


RE: Little Auk inner / outer stems

   Thanks for the replies.  The problem is that they don't fit particularly well either as a "puzzle peice" or on top.  On top is better, though.  

I did email CLC and am waiting on a response.  I'd post a pic, but it appears I need an account at one of the photo hosting sites.  

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