Oxford II rigging issue


I'm installing the Foot Stretcher in an Oxford II and the holes in the stretcher bracket are about 1/8" closer together than the holes in the cockpit seat extension.  I generally assume mistakes are min, but since everything was predrilled I can't see where I could have gone wrong. Could I have received the wrong foot stretcher? 

Also, there are no pre-drilled holes for the cockpit deck for the sliding seat rails. I can place them myself I think, but are there plans available for where they should go?



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RE: Oxford II rigging issue

Regarding the holes lining up with the foot stretcher, I had the same problem only worse.  Strap and pull the hull narrower to make it fit, and if that does not work, drill the holes bigger.  Regarding the seat rails, look closely at the manuel pictures and then place them back about half an inch more than the picture shows to catch the solid one by one wood block underneath.  Hope this helps.   

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