Selling a boat tips

Any tips on selling a boat? I'm aware of the bazaar here and OCHarbour. 
Any other popular high trafficked sites to use 

Also pricing? I know I won't get back the 100s of hours spent but maybe recoup the kit costs???? Idk where to start since not too many like her to compare to it's not like putting your house up for the same price as a similar home or what one sold for recently.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks 
BTW brokers welcome






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RE: Selling a boat tips

Kit price and free labor are the most likely to succeed. You need  exceptional customers and boats to do better than that. Sometimes it happens, though. On the other hand, I've seen your boat and it is one of the exceptional ones. You won't have any trouble justifying a workmanship premium to a serious customer.

Careful with brokers, though. They expect a certain return on their time (that's reasonable) so they may have to charge a larger fee than you want to pay for selling a single person boat. In other words, they're the broker, you're the brokee.

And remember, if it all gets too much there's the donation route. Many maritime museums accept donated boats which they resell. The museum gets some money and you get a tax deduction (though with the new standard deduction it's not as good as it used to be) and the joy of having supported a worthy organization.

Good luck,


RE: Selling a boat tips

   Thanks Laszlo for both the compliments and advice

Did you start the sailrig yet?

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