New canoe kit.

Finally a tribute to a truly American classic boat.  Built in flotation as an integral part of the design is brilliant.  (see new canoe on home page) How many hours do you estimate it will require to build this.  I also like the idea of using fire.  That should solve the problem of keeping my shop warm. 

Have your run any stability tests?  How soon does it ship?




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RE: New canoe kit.

Wow this is great. I really like the idea of no epoxy and varnish! Can i decide on the type of wood or do i get what i get..... Wait a minute... Is today April 1???

OH Well. The shipping costs were prohibitive anyway.



RE: New canoe kit.

I'm afraid that I must take issue with Ed Bru.  His enthusiasm for the new kit's construction methods, and particularly the use of fire, is entirely misplaced.  For one thing, I see no product safety labels warning against working in enclosed spaces, or near flamable materials.  And think of the carbon footprint! 

Better that CLC rethink this new kit, and start shipping instead kits composed of multiple logs along and sturdy vines or leather thongs so we can construct working replicas of another historic vessel with all the virtues of the log canoe but none of its drawbacks: the raft!

RE: New canoe kit.

I was going to order one until I saw the shipping costs. $75 for a quality adze seemed like a pretty good price. Come to think of it, I hauled about a dozen canoe kits out of the bush for next winter's firewood. Perhaps I could turn one of them into a canoe.

Oh oh... the power just went out here again. Big wind storm going throughQ

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