As expected  i've managed to have some rocks jump out at me on the Hudson. I'm wondering if I should bother to touch up the scratches as a I go along or just wait till the off season and sand the whole hull down. These are just scratches in the varnish on the bottom of the hull where there are 6 coats of varnish over 3 coats of epoxy over 2 layers of glass.

Any thoughts?

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RE: Scratches

Unless there is some compelling reason to fix now (i.e. wood exsposed) I would wait til the end of the season- or when you have nothing better to do. After all the scratches are on the bottom. Even then I wouldn't sand the whole hull down but just the areas where the scratches are. That is my 2 cents worth.

RE: Scratches

My old scoutmaster would never wash the mud off his motor boat during the summer.  He said that if the boat was too clean he would hesitate to jump on with dirty shoes and that would limit his fun.  I think small scratches fall in the same catagory.

I was so carefull for the first several trips that I was afraid to go poking into narrow places.  After a few scratches I forgot about worrying and went for it.  Once the boat is wet you cant see the scratch anyway.  Think of it as a badge of honor.  A sign you have actually paddled the thing, not just admired it.



RE: Scratches

I have a bare spot on the bottom of my surf kayak (Read "Down to the Bone") and you've given me an idea.  Perhaps I should put another coat of fiberglass on the bottom of my boat and forego the patching/sanding????  Then don't worry about it?  I have put one coat of fiberglass on it, wasn't intending to do more.  It has the 'glass and three coats of epoxy on it now.

RE: Scratches

Don't worry about the scratches in the varnish.  Go get some more scratches on it!  I just finished my 3rd strip kayak and took it out for the first time last week.  Everybody in the kayak club cried when I ran it up on the concrete boat launch.  Get that first scratch in, and the rest don't hurt as bad!  

RE: Scratches

BADGE OF HONOUR!  I paddled for a couple weeks with duck tape patch on my SOF after ripping a 9" hole on the bottom.  Would get home from work intending to repair... nice day for a paddle, it can wait till tomorrow.

No new "badges" this season... yet :)

RE: Scratches


no worries-check

weather forecast for tomorrow, sunny and 67-check

life is good 

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