Trailer for Chesapeake Double

As I get further along in building my Chessie Double, I am now thinking about how to get this mammoth from my garage to the lake.  I have a roof rack on my van, but I would much rather trailer the boat.  Does anyone have experience with trailering this particular boat?  I would like to get a trailer that can hold the Chessie Double and another couple of single kayaks, but they are not very easy to find.  

Any pictures of long trailers that you have used would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jeremy

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RE: Trailer for Chesapeake Double

I use a dinghy trailer with 8" rims and a 10' neck that I had on hand for my CLC double. Be aware that it's a light load and will be a little bouncy on a rough road. My trailer axel falls just forward of the aft cockpit so there is a lot of swing radius when backing. If I were buying a dedicated trailer I'd get at least 10" wheels and a longer neck. I know Yakama makes a "Rack and Roll" trailer but they're $$$. I've pulled mine all over and it works OK. SEEYA Jack

RE: Trailer for Chesapeake Double

I have a kayak trailer  that I have 2 LT17 a Merganser and Shearwater double on. I purchase the 4"x8" and rack as a kit two years ago from Red trailers.

I payed the same price for the trailer and rack that they get just for the trailer know. The trailer is the same trailer that Harbor freight sells with the 12" tires.

I made wood v block with closed cell foam on the saddle that the kayak sit on. And I use Thule shock cord straps with quick clips on the end to hold the kayak in the saddles. Works great when loading 4 boats at the end of the day.

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