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NEW! Scale Model Bevin's Skiff Kit

Designed in 1997 by Joe Youcha and his team at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, the 11'8" Bevin's Skiff has become a mainstay of boatbuilding education.  This good old skiff is a decent boat that can be built almost anywhere; one that could be used to both teach and provide an inspirational experience on the water.  

Assembled in schools, garages, and especially at "Family Boatbuilding" events, the full-sized Bevin's Skiffs are made out of everything from recyclable paper laminate to teak plywood.  They've been built in almost every state in the Union and at least 10 countries.

You can now build the Bevin's Skiff in scale model form, using a computer-cut kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. This accurate 1/8th-scale model measures just over 17-1/2" (448mm) long. Cut from marine-grade okoume plywood and clear cypress, the Bevin's Skiff scale model is built just like the full-sized article.

Assemble the 'midships frame. Bend the pre-cut side panels around the frame and fasten them to the stem and transom. Glue in chine logs, fit and trim the bottom panel, then add the seats and interior fittings. Ordinary wood glue is used, nothing toxic.

Download the instructions here. 

If this is part of a curriculum, download the Math Instructors' Guide here.
Step by step assembly video can be found here. 

If you are an Industrial Arts or STEAM Teacher and would like more information about Teaching with Small Boats or about Joe Youcha's Build To Teach program visit these links.

The Bevin's Skiff Scale Model Kit contains:

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