Fillet Tools - Set of Six

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You can't build a stitch-and-glue boat without epoxy fillets.  An epoxy fillet (pronounced "fill-it," as in "fill that corner up," not fill-LAY, as in "filet of fish") is one of the most common procedures in a stitch-and-glue boatbuilding project.  Epoxy fillets hold the parts of the boat together.  Proper tools for fillets are, more than anything, what separates clean composite boatbuilding work from a gooey mess.


We've all had it happen:  you have your perfect peanut-butter-blend thickened epoxy mix starting to get warm in the mixing pot, but you've neglected to make a filleting tool!  Now you're rushing around the shop trying to find a thin piece of wood of the right width and thickness, then you're finding a sander to put a nice round in it...

After years of doing the fillet-tool dance ourselves, we had to fix the problem. Here are fillet tools made just for boatbuilders, with exactly the right radius on the end for any filleting job you might encounter, on any CLC boat or any other boat.  These computer-cut 8-inch long tools fit your hand and have a variety of radii to choose from:  everything from skinny fillets in kayak bows to huge fillets on Skerry seats, and everything in between.

A big fillet...

Just snap the fillet profile you need off of the set, touch up the business end with some fine sandpaper, and you're filleting with the finest.  Just $4.75 for six tools, so get a bunch!