Shaw & Tenney Spoon Blade Oars

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Ideal for pulling boats and fine rowing craft, spoon oars are 20% more efficient than flat blades. The narrow blade of the Shaw and Tenney design excels in rough water and for casual and recreational rowing.

Available in three lengths, sold by the pair.

7'10"   for the Northeaster Dory, Southwester Dory, Skerry, Passagemaker, Peapod, and Tenderly Dinghy 

7'6"   for the Jimmy Skiff, Chester Yawl, and the PT11

6'6"   for the Eastport Pram, Eastport Nesting Pram, and the Eastport Ultralight

Leather oar collars are recommended to protect the varnished shafts of your oars.

Plastic oar collars are also an option.

  • Oars can be shipped with boat kit orders at no additional shipping charge.
  • All sizes can be shipped by FedEx Ground service, but very high oversized fees apply to 8' oars, so we no longer stock them. 
  • Local pickups are available for all sizes, call to confirm stock.