Teardrop Camper Mushroom Vents

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Adding mushroom vents allows for excellent air circulation in the Teardrop Camper.  With the vent hatch cracked open you'll have adequate ventilation even in the rain. These are the same vents that are detailed in the CLC Teardrop Camper's instruction manual.

These marine-grade plastic mushroom vents come with a screw-on cap (caps not sold separately).  Rotate the covers counter-clockwise to open for ventilation, and clockwise to close before driving.

Mushroom vents come in black or white, and are sold individually or in a discounted pack of four.

Top diameter: 5-5/8"
Overall height: 1-7/8"
Height w/o cap: 3/4"

Use #8 x 3/4" pan head SS machine screws, flat washers, and nylon locking nuts (4 locations, not included)