wood duck deck glassing

buidling the wood duck 12 and I need some advice

I have the hull all glassed.. beautiful edge where the deck panels meet the side

ready to glass the deck

whats better?
drape the glass over the deck and cut it so that it butts right against the deck?

or drape it over the sides and let it hang down?
Is so... how far..and isnt that going to create way more work to sand it so that the seam is not visible?

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RE: wood duck deck glassing

You need to let it overlap onto the hull to seal the joint and to form the outer layer of the hull-to-deck seam.

For a smoother (less sanding) edge, mask the hull with plastic packing tape where you want the glass to end. Once the epoxy cures to "green", lift the glass off the tape and cut off the excess with a razor, exacto knife, etc. That'll leave you a smooth sharp line that will need minimal sanding to fair in after you've filled the weave.




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