Wood Duck 14 wood

How much plywood is needed to build a WD14 from plans? Thanks.

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RE: Wood Duck 14 wood

I cannot be 100% sure on the 14, but the WD12 I built from plans took 3 sheets of 4mm Ply (there is an option for 3mm ply for the deck to save weight).  You will need a little more to complete the coaming, in particular the spacers.  I opted for the 3 layers of 6mm instead of the 2 layers of 9mm.  Also, I was not happy idea of a 4mm coaming rim so instead I bought a 4x4 sheet of 6mm and that was more than enough for the coaming rim and spacers. 

The way the 12 was layed out, although we were working with 16' after scarfing, there was not alot left on the ends, but that was also with the coaming coming out of those same sheets. 

short answer, I think 3 8x4 sheets of 4mm, and one 4x4 of 6mm will be what you need.  I look forward to the build reports and pictures :)

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