snap, crackle & pop

On a 6 day trip, we noticed a crackling sound from 2 of our kayaks. Mostly when paddling on flat water. At first I thought it might be water intrusion into the wood, due to a road rash incident, sealed with epoxy right before the trip. But my brother in law also noticed the same thing. Does anyone have any clues?

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RE: snap, crackle & pop

 Glad you posted this. We paddle mostly brackish water and hear it too. Also hear 'drumming' and 'croaking' from below the boats that I know are fish related so I assumed these 'clicking' noises were shrimp. That's my best guess. I also have a wood skiff with the same noises, I remember her check out splash - I thought it was coming undone!

RE: snap, crackle & pop

I thought it would be funny to splash my paddle when a dolphin was patrolling close by. I had forgotten that the dolphins in the everglades are very accostomed to kayaks and like to play with them. I wasn't surprised that the dolphin turned towards me, but the he ramped up the speed and charged my 17LT. He ducked just under my boat, leaving a big splash and hole in the water, I almost rolled over.

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