We just returned from a week long everglades trip. We had a OK Malibu II, WD12, WD14, and 17LT. We did have another WD12 availible but it was my cousins first trip. We put him on the OK MII, more stable, easier to pack. The OK MII was the fastest boat we took on our last trip. We knew that it was slower than the Ducks, but we didn't know it was that much slower. My poor cousin never got a break. We would padddle for about a half hour then wait for him to catch up. By the time he got there we were ready to leave. The ducks and 17LT had plenty of room for 6-7 days. Thanks for developing great boats.

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RE: comparison


Don't you know friends don't let friends ride in clorox bottles?


A bit more seriously, I have to disagree with your stability assessment. I've accidentally tipped over a a Malibu II but never a WD12. Fortunately it happened off of Maui (which is why I was renting a clorox bottle instead of using my WD12) and the water was warm and pleasant.




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