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Is anyone else having trouble seeing the live shop cam? The last 3 days it opens but is almost a black void except for a small shop light. Today it opens to a bright blue screen.  ???

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RE: shop cam

It's been a few days since I had looked at the shopcam, when it was working OK. Right now, I just get to view the ad and then a blue screen.

Possible explanation... gone paddling?

Keith     8-)

RE: shop cam

The ShopCam is attached to an ordinary sort of computer that is attended 45 hours a week, more or less.  If during the remaining 123 hours the connection is lost or reset, or the computer restarts, the screen goes blank until a human comes round to restart it.

At this moment we're changing out the current system for a fancier scheme, with higher fidelity and NO ADS. Hallelujah.  

Live ShopCam

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