visions of boats dance in my head

 just ordered the ne dory, as of this moment the elves at clc  are busily sawing away!!! [i'm already contemplating that nesting dinghy could that indicate a problem?]    

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RE: visions of boats dance in my head


It's a fairly harmless addiction and it tends to keep one out of other kinds of trouble.  I know what you mean.  I finished my Peeler Skiff last summer and I'm already dreaming about the Southwester Dory---and not a bit tired of the Peeler.

I built a boat in the eighties and had been dreaming about building another 20+ years.  CLC made it practical to fulfill that dream and, as I approach retirement, I hope to do it again.

Enjoy, and keep us posted on your progress,


RE: visions of boats dance in my head

   Laszlo,  Got it, so it appears the points where the shock cord is secured are on the starboard side and the little hooks are on port, both of which must be attached to the add this to my lug sail it appears it would require sewing one or the other on the sail.  Wouldnt work to bring the shock cord down to the boom, would need to wrap around the boom like you you know of any other clever methods easier and quicker than tying reef nettles?

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