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Just finished a Wood Duck Double for my kids. Their last name is Martini, hence the veneer work on the deck.

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RE: Latest one

Forgot to mention, built from plans, mahagony stained deck, walnut burl transom, cedar block coaming riser, graphite bottom. Building a pair of Greenland style paddles next. 

George K



RE: Latest one

Nice.It may be the slowest Cocktail Class Racer, but it's sure the prettiest :-)



RE: Latest one

   That is certainly a pretty boat.

That generous sized tee handle up foward does it drag in the water?

RE: Latest one

The carrying handles are off another boat, the ones for this are still being varnished. The lines will be shorter so they don't drag in the water.

Thanks for the comments.

George K


RE: Latest one

I would love to see more pics... I loke the dark accent and would love to see a couple shots of the burlwood transome.   

RE: Latest one

George, that is a stunner!  Tell your kids they're lucky to have such a Dad, and if they don't shape up you are going to start wearing shorts and black socks up to your knees to their soccer games, same way the Greatest Generation did when the parenting got tough.  Right, baseball games, but still it's the same thing.

Now, I always hate to make it all about me, but I have been pelted with questions about progress on the Sharpie.  I've been so busy working on it that I've simply had not time to post.  (I've heard that it's now called St. John's Sharpie, and that some scholars now question whether John was a historical personage, or a blend of multiple eccentric marine architects, some dating back to the time of the Pharoah's over-powered proas.)

But tonight I've got a breather so here it is.  Since a well-deserved break of a few years, and 18 months or so of intensive supervision of some wedding plans (young men, never confuse marrying off a son with marrying off a daughter, and that's all I'm going to tell you for now) I have now cleaned up the garage to the point where I can easily see the boat from certain angles.  The aft deck has taken on some bird poo but overall she is looking great for a boat of her age. She was listing badly to port, so I bought a compressor at Harbor Freight, as mentioned below, and refilled the Harbor Freight tires on the bespoke moveable building platform.  She is no longer in danger of capsizing, but I've decided to rebuild the platform with the standard Detroit floor plan, four wheels rather than three.  She is still scheduled to be wet by August, as from the day the project began. 

The tide of progress has maybe shifted a little in recent weeks; Harbor Freight has scored with some irresistable sales, and as a result the old girl is getting hemmed in again.  Compressors, miter saws, pressure washers and such.  But they don't call me "Old Indefatigable, Intermittently" for nothing.

George, you and I have to keep up the constant stream of craftsman-like output to maintain our reputations.

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