System Three WR-LPU and primer

I have seen only one or two posts on System Three WR-LPU.  I am interested in using it because I want to paint a small design in black, along with a stripe or two.  Then I plan to topcoat it with a clear gloss finish.

I would like to know if anyone has experience with it, and specifically if a primer is necessary.  This is my first boat and I am anxious to get my CLC 17 LT in the water by July 4th.  I am pretty exhausted with sanding epoxy.  I understand primer is not as difficult to sand, but still the thought of adding another step is daunting at this point.

I wont skip the primer if I hear that is well worth the effort.  Thanks in advance for any advice, this forum is really great.

PS. my boat has been under construction for 14 years.  It will be a party when it finally goes in the water.

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RE: System Three WR-LPU and primer

I have built three boats and used the System Three paint system (and resins on two) on all three. The first was a Mertans Vagabond 20, the second a Dobler Lissa 16,  and recently a CLC Sassafras 12. I have a number of comments about my experience and can comment further when I have more time.

I liked the paint for several good reasons and would recommend it. My boats were built in hot climates of California and Florida which is not the ideal conditions for the water based paints (or any paint system) but if you are in the Pacific NW, you may have ideal conditions. 

My Vagabond web site is still up and you can find it by searching for Project Just Right. 



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