Toggles or peremeter line

It is common on sea kayaks to place toggles on the bow and stern and perimeter lines around the outside of the deck. These are important for doing assisted rescues and towing the boats. The observed tendance of many builders is to make it pretty and not put those features on the boat. Here is a second hand story of why those are important.


Recently two of our club members were paddling around a barrier island. One in a composite fiberglass sea kayak and the other in a composite wood sea kayak.  Some three quarters of the way the water was flowing over a sand bar and being rough.  The "other" kayak ran into some trouble and capsized.  Getting up "cowboy style" usually works but not today. Sometimes you just get tired or it is too rough.  The two boats got parrell for an assisted rescue but neither could get a good grip on the boat since the capsized boat did not have perimeter lines. Consequently the Heel-hook manover did not work either.


So they set up to tow the other boat. But the "other" boat did not have anything on the bow to hook on to and  allow a tow. Hence they had to hook to a bungee near the cockpit. Process was awkward and slow putting both boats, and people, in danger. The towed boat often rolled and went to the side. The other paddler rode the stern of the first boat.

Sooner or later you will be in a dangerous position. It is how we operate. Make your boat so it functions well and allows others to assist you.  Of course you could just don't go. (boring)

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RE: Toggles or perimeter line

   "Perimeter" line some times called a life line.

RE: Toggles or peremeter line

 If not in the local pool it's belt and suspenders for me. I made lifeline attachments on both our kayaks strong enough to support a loaded boat. They have their own kind of pretty ;-) 

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