gimme shelter

Finally, a tent for Northeaster Dory. Years of thinking, months of prototyping and several abandoned versions. Guess this is officially v 3.x but several ideas were so ill conceived they were immediately abandoned and didn’t get version numbers.
Final seam at bottom and attachment points yet to be worked out. That’s the easy part after all the rest. Heavy black line amidships is a zipper.

Have to admit being worried about windage. I'm also a little freaked out about a capsize with the tent up. I'll test in the lake under controlled conditions before the real deal.

Excess fabric yet to be trimmed and hemmed. Clamps are likely where tie downs will go. Left it up over night to assess weather performance. Overall pretty pleased, seam seal should help the last wee little bit. Of course rain does come in at main and mizzen masts.

Made from 1.1 oz waterproof silnylon and shock corded aluminum tent polls.

Here’s a partial list of things I like better than sewing 1.1 oz silnylon…
Getting lemon juice in a paper cut.
Hitting my thumb with a hammer.
Middle seat on a flight to Glasgow.
Cultivating 160 acres of tobacco with a hoe.
Any other kind of work in tobacco.
Root canal.
Going bald.


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RE: gimme shelter

   Nicely done. What kind of support is keeping the shape? I thought about making one with a tiedown in front but then elastic everywhere else, like a jetski cover.


RE: gimme shelter

   Would love to see a follow-up with how you do the final tie downs. I've seen some people as loves with water bottles hanging over the sides as weights. Saves putting a hole in the hull. I've also seen bungee loops to cleats. Well done!

RE: gimme shelter

   Sorry, mis-typed and couldn't figure out how to edit the post. Should say "... Some people add lines with water bottles..."

RE: gimme shelter

 Bungee tied to webbing loop engages clips in various locations on the fore-deck, under the rails and at the transom. 

More pics over on my Flickr page. Click the thumbnail to read captions.

Left the tent up during two days of steady rain and am very pleased with the result. Some rain trickles in around the masts but nothing drips on the sleeping area. I'll post some pics of the tent in action before long.

It's been an interesting project. Cheers,




RE: gimme shelter

   A low stakes maiden trial on a windless night tied up to a friends dock on Harris Creek...

Some skeeters find their way in and the waterproof fabric allows some condensation to form. A couple of panels of noseeum net should let me open the vents fore and aft and solve both problems. Still, no condensation dripped on me overnight.

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