How many coats of epoxy?

How much is enough for floorboards, seats, foils? CLC instructions mention "at least two" coats in general. I have put on three on the above parts, but still do not have a completely smooth mirror-like surface. What should the last coat look like? 

Thank you for any wisdom here!

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RE: How many coats of epoxy?

Hi Jose, 

the purpose of the epoxy coating on foils, seats, floorboords, etc are to ensure that the wood has a waterproof epoxy coating.

that glass like finish is not created by epoxy, but varnish that then goes over the epoxy.

so if you have three epoxy coats on you are probably just fine. you should now lightly sand the epoxy to flaten it and get rid of any bubbles, drips, or imperfections.  as long as you don't sand through the epoxy layer and back to raw are done with the epoxy....and then you would move onto applying varnish.

for varnish, as you approach three coats or more you can get that glass/mirror finish you are looking for.

i hope that helps


RE: How many coats of epoxy?

   Thank you! It is easy to obsess and want to do more....

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