Cedar Strips without Beads & Coves

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Most strip-kayak and strip-canoe builders use beads and coves, a sort of tongue-and-groove system milled into the strips, for tight fits and rapid assembly.  But not every strip design benefits from that feature.  Decorative accent strips that cut across a linear strip design, for example, are easier to fit if they're square-edged.  

These strips are 3/4" (18mm) wide and 1/4" (6mm) thick, without the bead-and-cove feature milled into them.  No two trees are alike so colors will vary wildly along a spectrum from very dark to very light.  Builders often like to mix and match color tones, so we offer three material types: Western Red Cedar (medium color), Alaskan Yellow (light color), and Walnut (dark color).  We will try to accommodate special requirements for colors upon your request.   Like a fish market, what we have depends on what the truck unloads each week. 

Strips come in 6 to 7-1/2 foot lengths, and may be simply butted or scarfed to length as required by the design.  Not sure how many strips you'll need? Click here for a handy formula for canoes and kayaks.

Notes on Ordering and Shipping Cedar Strips:
  • Our 6-7.5 foot length strips can be bundled and shipped securely via UPS.  
  • The minimum bundle size for safe shipment is 80 lineal feet

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