Re: Severn questions

Posted by BobE on Mar 12, 2008

Yes, the curve of the deck is consistent from the deckbeam or bulkhead to the respective end on the kayak. See pgs 117-118 of the book about �Planning the Sheer Clamps�.

(It is always interesting to me when referring to Chris K.�s books to see the pictures with John H. - looks as if they were taken yesterday. Gee, maybe now when I offer him a cold drink on a hot demo day in Atlanta, he�ll grant a free kayak trial.)

The Severne was built for my wife as well. Presently, a more stable second kayak is in the works for her. Please be certain your family will enjoy paddling this design before spending the effort to build it. With other kayaks now available to choose from, the Severne is always last to be selected at my house.

It is a cool design is some ways. The rounded hull is so much quicker to build than say some cold molded setup. It can be built very light if you use various methods discussed on this forum for any design; for example, no metal fasteners, smaller sheer clamps, minimal use of epoxy and fiberglass for the expected conditions, etc. Some of these techniques increase the build time and may not be worthwhile for most folks.

However, none of this process matters if you can not keep your hat dry when you want to.

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