Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Cockpit Size: Rowing Draft: Sailing Draft: Sail Area:
Skerry 15' 0" 95 lbs. 54 in. 450 lbs. Open 5" 30" 56 sq ft.
Skerry Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Sailing Component Kit - Gunter Sloop Rig
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Skerry Base Kit
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Sailing Component Kit - Lug Rig w/ Reef
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Sailing Component Kit - Sprit Rig
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Alternative Configurations:

Wood Parts Only Kit
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Plans & Manual Only
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Manual Only
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Manual Only - Emailed PDF
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Study Plans - Emailed PDF
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Additional Components:

Spacered Inwale Option
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Egyptian Cream Kit Sail Upgrade (special order)
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Tanbark Kit Sail Upgrade (special order)
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Sail Package - Line & Cordage - Sloop Rig
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Sail Package - Line & Cordage - Lug Rig
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Sail Package - Line & Cordage - Sprit Rig
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Materials List for Plans Builders:
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Popular Accessories:
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Supplies List for Kit Builders:
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Recommended Add-Ons:

Nonskid Flooring for Smallcraft - Skerry

$ 360

Shaw & Tenney Spoon Blade Oars - 7'10" Length (pair)

$ 479

Easy to build, easy to row, and easy to sail: the Skerry is a terrific rowing and sailing boat with timeless good looks.

The Skerry design combines elements of traditional working craft of the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a little bit of American Swampscott Dory thrown in. This synthesis of historic designs with CLC's LapStitch™ construction method results in a beautiful hull with excellent performance under sail or oar that you can build yourself. This John C. Harris design is that rarest of small boats that rows and sails with equal affinity. Sail when there's wind, row when there's not. You'll cover the miles either way.

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Start Small:
Skerry Scale
Model Kit

Ultralight weight—about a hundred pounds—also means the Skerry is easy to handle ashore. Given sturdy roof racks and two average adults to do the lifting, the Skerry can be cartopped with ease. Or, if you use the boat by yourself most of the time, the lightest, simplest boat trailer or dolly will work.

The Skerry is a plywood-epoxy composite boat, assembled using Chesapeake Light Craft’s exclusive LapStitch™ technique. The sides are 6mm Okoume, while the bottom is 9mm, sheathed with fiberglass for those hard beach landings. The interior includes 9mm okoume frames and sealed air tanks at the bow and stern for buoyancy. The matrix of high-quality plywood and marine epoxy allows great strength and a glossy finish. To build a Skerry, all you need is a pair of sawhorses and a warm place for a shop. No mold, no lofting, and no odd tools beyond a block plane, a drill, a bucket of clamps, and a sander.