Severn questions

Posted by James K on Mar 10, 2008

I am looking at the Severn in "New Kayak Shop" and have a few questions, if anyone has any insights.

A) I can only easily get 4mm okoume, while the plans call for 3mm. Will there be any issues getting the 4mm to make the compound curves required?

B) Is the only use for the 6mm 1/2 sheet for the bulkheads and the hip braces? Given that these are to be used without bending, is there any reason that 5.9mm luaun underlay would not be sufficient?

C) I found a diagram describing how to refine the shape of the bulkheads, but no instructions how far forward and aft of the centerline to place them, and no description of how they should be shaped (like the approximate radii of the deck curves).