Re: Severn questions

Posted by BobE on Mar 11, 2008

A) If you plan to use 4mm okoume plywood, perhaps you should consider a different kayak design. Pulling the hull together with 3mm is scary enough.

B) Why not use two layers of 3mm to develop your 6mm pieces? With careful pattern placement, you may end up with enough leftover from cutting the hull/deck panels to make the BH�s and hip braces. BTW, I did not use a solid forward BH and a VCP hatch is installed in the rear BH.

C) The rear bulkhead should support your coaming design for entry/exit and thus replaces the rear deckbeam. (I built my Severne with a Chesapeake like coaming.) Sit in the hull to determine how your foot brace setup will be positioned, thus defining the location of a forward bulkhead. The deck radius of each bulkhead would be that of the deck beam shown in the plans or whatever you select for a sheer clamp planning guide.

D) You don�t mention your intended use, skill level, or physical attributes like weight, height. The Severne will handle considerably heavier paddlers than the design weight in the book � in calm waters. Once you exceed about a 150 lb. paddler, consider the beam to be effectively 30% less than it is. The rounded hull bottom of the Severne is an efficient teacher of a �seat of the pants� feel for skinny kayaks.

In Response to: Severn questions by James K on Mar 10, 2008